High Altitude Chiapas Coffee Roasted at High Altitude is the Smoothest and Finest in the World

BLUE BAG COFFEE at SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, CHIAPAS  ( 2228m) has been perfecting a unique high altitude roasting technique since conception. The High Altitude creates a unique opportunity to roast longer at lower temperatures resulting in a smoother, richer coffee. Many roasters are just producing  while we gently nurture our beans with the love and care required to create the finest and most pleasant coffee in the world, the slower roast at varied temperatures causes a more complete structural expansion after the first crack which results in more of the oils being retained and a smoother more flavorful coffee. BLUE BAG COFFEE bags its coffee as soon as it has cooled and been blended which helps maintain freshness and allows the aroma to be contained as it matures creating an incredible sensation when you open the bag for the first time.

The BLUE BAG COFFEE is renowned for its smooth rich flavour and aroma. The first and most important rule of the Blue Bag Roastery is that the coffee must be perfected in the roasting stage to the precise profile established for each bean to bring out the complimentary flavours, fragrances, aromas, body and acidity. The focus is coffee that can be drunk black without cream or sugar, and not over cooked like other mexican roasters whose beans are substandard (desmanche), baked or scorched (quemado).

I believe that when someone asks for a ‘dark roast’ what they are really looking for is a bold, full flavor and great tasting coffee.  Something strong, and certainly not bitter or not flat like most dark roast coffees tend to be.  After all, to get a dark roast coffee it has to be roasted longer.  This means that more of the wonderful flavor oils and natural sugars inside the coffee beans will have a better chance to be burned leaving the bean bitter and burnt.  Or at the very least, smoked and that is not a flavorful coffee to me.  I have never met a person that said “I am looking for a bitter and burnt tasting coffee.”  So, if you guessed that my response to “I want a dark roast coffee’ would be ‘use more of it’, you are correct.