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Blue Bag Coffee – Degustacion en D.F, Mexico

Degustacion de cafe Blue Bag, esta semana por las mananas en Il postino mensajeria, Plaza Comercial Patio Pedregal al lado del superama. Periferico Sur 5270, Distribuidores en el D.F. Sergio Melendez M.

Blue Bag Coffee – Happy Customers

“We have just received our 1st order of fresh coffee beans and have just tried our first brew. It is very delicious, rich & nutty, so we will continue to order from Blue Bag Coffee. We will not buy anymore coffee from our grocery store!” – Marie Gemender, Lerma, D.F, Mexico.  

Nuestro Bolsas de Blue Bag Coffee – Café 100% Orgánico de Chiapas, México

Blue Bag Coffee – 100% orgánico, café de altura desde Chiapas y Veracruz, México. 250 gramos – $50 MXN 500 gramos – $85 MXN 1 kilo – $165 MXN Compra mas de 3 kilos y el envio es ~ GRATIS ~ en México! Orders /Pedidos: ventas@bluebagcoffeeshop.net

Blue Bag Coffee – Our Premium Blue Bag Gourmet Blend

Coffee Factory Mexico harvests, roasts and blends the highest quality organic coffee beans from Chiapas & Veracruz, Mexico, to bring you our premium Blue Bag Gourmet Blend. The Blue Bag Gourmet Blend combines the ever-popular ‘altura’ arabica coffee beans from the highlands of Chiapas and Cordoba, Veracruz. The end result is a premium organic coffee […]

Blue Bag Coffee – Follow Us On Twitter

Follow Blue Bag Coffee on Twitter; https://twitter.com/#!/BlueBagCoffee Receive updates about our Premium Organic Mexican Coffee, our Blue Bag Gourmet Blend & all other specials, deals & wholesale export information. Organic Mexican Coffee freshly roasted and Tweeted to you!

Coffee From Chiapas: European Grade Coffee

Better Beans Make Better Coffee Most coffee drinkers are not aware that Europeans drink higher grade coffee than Americans. European grade coffee beans cost more,  but contains half the defects (2% vs. 4%) of American grade beans. A defective bean is off-color, sour, broken or a bad size. Bad beans burn faster, producing a bitter […]