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Speciality Coffee:

We have been working in the Premium range of Speciality coffee with a SCAA rating of 80 to 84.5, but now we are becoming more selective and looking at the better strict high altitude (SHG) Arabica coffee with the aim of keeping our SCAA overall score above the 84 mark to become real SPECIALITY COFFEE […]

High Altitude Chiapas Coffee Roasted at High Altitude is the Smoothest and Finest in the World

BLUE BAG COFFEE at SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, CHIAPAS  ( 2228m) has been perfecting a unique high altitude roasting technique since conception. The High Altitude creates a unique opportunity to roast longer at lower temperatures resulting in a smoother, richer coffee. Many roasters are just producing  while we gently nurture our beans with the […]

Coffee From Chiapas: European Grade Coffee

Better Beans Make Better Coffee Most coffee drinkers are not aware that Europeans drink higher grade coffee than Americans. European grade coffee beans cost more,  but contains half the defects (2% vs. 4%) of American grade beans. A defective bean is off-color, sour, broken or a bad size. Bad beans burn faster, producing a bitter […]