Speciality Coffee:

We have been working in the Premium range of Speciality coffee with a SCAA rating of 80 to 84.5, but now we are becoming more selective and looking at the better strict high altitude (SHG) Arabica coffee with the aim of keeping our SCAA overall score above the 84 mark to become real SPECIALITY COFFEE SUPPLIERS.

We are improving our quality control methods and revamping our dry process line to also help raise the SCAA rating, so that we can export our green beans and give an even better flavour and aroma to our BLUE BAG GOURMET Brand.

We plan to test all our coffees and adjust our buying prices by quality to our producers. This will both give them incentive to make a better coffee and also show them what their coffee is worth, as the implemented system gives one price for all with no feedback to the producer. Thus the good coffees in Chiapas are becoming harder to find and we plan to reverse this with consistent SCAA cupping scores and improve our  sustainability of quality for our clients.