We are waiting for next season’s SHG EP as orders have been sold out. This is a strict high altitude shade grown organic coffee fron Chiapas, strictly processed to European standards with less than 8 defects. This coffee is taken from fincas which are giving SCAA ratings above 84 to comply with our Speciality grade. We are processing large quantities of Máragogype this year. We can quote FOB Laredo, Veracruz or Manzanillo by container load.

All the parchment comes from wet processing and is strickly quality controlled. We have two dry processing lines, with production up to 20t per day. We also have 5 toasters that can roast one ton of coffee on a daily basis.

We specalize in high quality SPECIALITY (>84 SCAA rating) and Máragogype SC20.

Contact for price or more info: ron@bluebagcoffee.com.