Roasting Principle

The roasting process starts with weighing the green coffee beans, dumping the green coffee into an elevated hopper, adjusting the internal drum temperature , dumping (introducing) the green coffee into the preheated drum. We then monitor the rise in temperature and the time, documenting each step and minor adjustment, increasing or decreasing the amount of gas to either speed up or slow down the roast, during selected milestones of the roast. The coffee reaches one of these milestones at first “pop”/”crack”, the next is for the second “pop”/”crack”. For the various roast profiles, the coffee may be dumped from the drum before second pop, at this time, or well into second pop. Once the coffee is dumped from the drum into the cooling tray, air is drawn thru the roasted coffee to cool as quickly as possible to prevent it from roasting further. Once cooled, the beans are packaged for either wholesale, retail or for use at the café.

Our BLUE BAG COFFEE GOURMET has been through extensive roasting trails to find the best profile, the best finish for each type of bean and the best blend of all of these to give the exclusive BLUE BAG TASTE.