Natural Coffee

Natural Coffee:

BLUE BAG COFFEE is working with Natural sun dried coffee. This is Arabica coffee from high altitude above 1200m and goes through a dry process instead of the wet process of breaking the cherry shell and fermenting the fruit to give the parchment – which is then sun dried. The natural coffee is picked when ripe and placed on patios to dry and forms a dry cherry (cerezo o chibola). This cerezo becomes hard and dry but needs to be uniform in colour (normally a dark yellow-red )and consistency. It also needs to dry on a cement patio and not on the ground as otherwise it tends to pull in the earthy (soily) aromas as it dries and this produces a sour/bitter taste to the coffee. The left over or unripe porcions of the wet process also produce chibola with a very acidic and bitter taste. The cerezo is very hard and needs two passes on the dry processing hulling machines which need to be ajusted precisely to take advantage of this fine coffee.