Blue Bag Coffee has undergone a renascence and entered into a 3rd wave phase following the wishes, wants and “wisdom” of our CEO. We have separated (while still remaining associated) from Enrique and have gone back to roasting in our own fashion. The 10kg Promor roaster at the San Nicolas Roastery has been upgraded to a 25kg Cafeli roaster which is being installed at the Francisco Madero 105A, Guadalupe head office.

Nuevo tostador

The Cafeli is a promor/ probat engineered roaster made by Heriberto Linares from Coatepec, Veracruz and should be considered as one of the best roasters available in Mexico. We also have acquired sufficient coffee from Jaltenango, Pantelho, Pocolum & Cancuc to continue blending with Máragogype until next season. We will set up the laboratory facilities to check and maintain the sustainable standard of Blue bag Gourmet coffee and experiment with higher quality and medicinal coffees as the year progresses.