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Nuestro Bolsas de Blue Bag Coffee – Café 100% Orgánico de Chiapas, México

Blue Bag Coffee – 100% orgánico, café de altura desde Chiapas y Veracruz, México. 250 gramos – $50 MXN 500 gramos – $85 MXN 1 kilo – $165 MXN Compra mas de 3 kilos y el envio es ~ GRATIS ~ en México! Orders /Pedidos: ventas@bluebagcoffeeshop.net

Coffee From Chiapas: European Grade Coffee

Better Beans Make Better Coffee Most coffee drinkers are not aware that Europeans drink higher grade coffee than Americans. European grade coffee beans cost more,  but contains half the defects (2% vs. 4%) of American grade beans. A defective bean is off-color, sour, broken or a bad size. Bad beans burn faster, producing a bitter […]

Organic Mexican Coffee – Chiapas

Coffees from Chiapas State are grown in the mountains of the southeastern-most corner of Mexico, near the border with Guatemala. The market name traditionally associated with these coffees is Tapachula and San Cristobal de las Casas, from the cities of that name, but coffee sellers now usually label them Chiapas. Chiapas produces some of the […]

Blue Bag Coffee – Promor Coffee Roaster

Blue Bag Coffee uses a custom made Promor Roaster to give the best quality roast in light, medium and dark as requested. The Promor Coffee Roaster produces coffee of the highest quality, used to make our Blue Bag Gourmet Blend. 100% made in Mexico, just like our Coffee.

Coffee Factory Mexico – Our Coffee Bags – 100% Recycled Paper

We don’t need to explain how important the environment is. The Coffee Factory Mexico uses 100% recycled paper bags for all our products & our Blue Bag Gourmet Blend. Our coffee is also 100% organically grown, harvested by local farmers in the Chiapas & Veracruz regions. ZERO pesticides & unnatural fertilizers are used in the […]