Buy Chiapas Organico Certificado Blend online

Buy Chiapas Organico Certificado Blend Online

We believe that blends work for filter too! When you put 3 excellent coffees together in the cup, the results can be synergistic and create a wonderfully complex yet balanced coffee experience. We’ve crafted this offering to feature the fruit and floral characteristics of the ingredients, but with sufficient body for use in bulk-brewing situations. It also works wonderfully as a fruity espresso and we drink it like this at the roastery (also lovely in milk).

All origins are Organic shade grown high altitude natural rainforest preserved under conservation laws for more than 100 years and 100% ethically sourced through the Mercanta direct-trade model. The Blue Bag Coffee Blend consists of the following:

Chiapas Máragogype… A very interesting coffee from the Motozintla – Jaltenango superior high altitude arabica belt, with characteristics similar to both high-altitude Guatemalans and high-quality Brasils. Nutty sweet and smooth. A medium-dark roast to epitomise the flavor and compliment the blend.
Finca Cancuc Organico… sweet and floral/sweet vegetable and with classic nippy acidity. A medium roast to keep the acidity and compliment the blend.
Chiapas Coop Oxchuc natural … a low percentage in the blend, but a wonderful coffee in itself. Sweetness, almond flavours and chocolate hints and medium-body balance. This also contains Márago beans reputably one of the best in the world. This is mixed and roasted with the other Chiapas bean.

We also have:

 DON RON PREMIUM blend which is the BBC above with 30% Márago. The Máragogype is given a dark roast for it´s intense flavors and aromas.

DECAF which is an arabica de altura de la  Finca Bernardi treated in Cordoba to give a fine taste without caffeine. This is given a medium-dark roast to bring out all the outstanding qualities.

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