BLUE BAG Coffee Gourmet Blend.

The secret to the excellent taste of BLUE BAG COFFEE is the choice of SHG Arabica Typica from natural shade grown organic plantations. These excellent beans are then combined with Arabica Máragogype renown as one of the best beans in the world to round out the body and aroma of the coffee. The márago needs to be fresh as it is typically unstable and needs to be stored in parchment to prevent the rapid yellowing of the grain, and then roasted separately and shortly before bagging.

The freshness of BLUE BAG Coffee is the other secret and that means that the green beans are roasted shortly before grinding. This conserves the lighter qualities of these excellent beans. The overall flavour and body of the mix exceeds the 83.75 rating of the SHG and the 84.5 rating of the márago, making BLUE BAG coffee better than it’s components.