Artesanal Roasters

BLUE BAG COFFEE specialises as an artisan coffee roaster in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.  Our coffee comes from Los Altos de Chiapas and we select  SHG and best SCAA speciality coffees from the area.

We roast in small batches at the high altitude.  This assures you of a more even and subtle  roast as everything takes longer to cook at high altitude.  Our largest roasters are only 70kgs or one sack of green coffee. We roast each sack individually and let it rest before blending. We roast everyday but rest our fresh roast for 2-3 days before bagging. We recommend grinding just before use.  We choose to work with individual customers so we can focus on both our customers and our coffee. We can help our customers make good coffee and show them how to make more profits on better quality coffee.

We do not offer any coffee or espresso equipment for our wholesale customers to use.  Rather, we continue to put our resources into better product (green coffee) and education.  This will guarantee our customers a better, more consistently superior product.

We offer the same, superior product whether you buy from us retail or wholesale.

We can help with barista training for those interested in entering the coffee business or just for the home enthusiast at our facility.   We can set up SCAA tasting courses. We can also sell commercial and home espresso and coffee equipment, either new or refurbished.

Starting a coffee business?  We can help!  We have many years experience in the coffee industry and have the right contacts to organise your business.

Want to buy our fabulous coffee?  You can buy 3kgs or 300kgs and we will ship anywhere.  We are a local company with several avenues for you to purchase our coffee. Take a look around our website and see what we can do for you.  I bet you’ll have a question or two so please email at o call 967 1010693.   We will be happy to talk coffee with you!  Good show guaranteed.